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Mick Collins




"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children" Sitting Bull Lakota Sioux "Don't need nothing that can't come tomorrow, don't really matter if it never comes at all." Lazy Daze Donovan A child doesn't question the wrongs of grown ups, he suffers them. Chief Dan George (1899 - 1981) Me Childhood Trauma Survivor ACEs awareness activist. Uk based teacher. BA history and theatre. Teacher of theatre:- performance/productions arts, technical theatre, light, sound and AV technology. Teacher of history and Humanities. Currently working as Edularp specialist and immersion set designer for Seedling Productions, at Root'n'Branch Acres, England. Many of the students we work with have suffered childhood trauma. Designing and delivering bespoke trauma (ACEs awareness) Courses to parents, caregivers, teachers and other professionals. Father of four beautiful girls. Storyteller and lover of dance, the starting point and mother of all theatre. Director, producer and lighting technician. Theatrical influence..... Edward Gordon Craig Childhood hero..... Floella Benjamin, Baroness Benjamin DBE DL  She taught me to play What greater gift could you give a child