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Bo Boateng




Tech💻... Music🎼🎧 ...Entertainment African Culture Connoisseur 🇬🇭Ghana Made Me... Brooklyn Raised Me 🗽….Columbus Elevated Me🌰.I Love Everything Music and Pushing My Culture To The World. Gotten a Chance to Break Some Really Classic Songs Over In The US That Were From Back Africa. Aspiring A&R. Huge Fan Of Djs n Host From Time To Time 😏. CEO Of Nu Level Consulting and Technologies👨🏿‍💻 *We Are Planning Our Work Load For Next Year, Reach Out If You Are In Need Of Technical Assistance, We Create Mobile and Web Products*, CTO of Blueprint Athletes Inc, CTO Of Yummi LLC, Software Engineer Manager. .NET, C#, HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, GCP I AM A FIRM BELIEVER THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE JUST THINK IT. THEY ONCE THOUGHT FLYING WAS IMPOSSIBLE, WE GOT PJ’S NOW BABBBBYY.