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🌞 Creating a culture of healing by helping us see ourselves with love so we can better see one another. 💛 I am an author, speaker, host, Podcaster, moderator, a cultural ambassador, healing advocate, serves as an Advisory Board of the Ethiopian Community Mutual Assistance Association (ECMAA), and founder of Kinet Bet, a platform dedicated to creating a culture of healing. 💫 የምስጋና Gratitude & Mindfulness Journal on Amazon. 💫Podcast about healing on Spotify: Bet Talk 💫Founder of KinetBet: an organization focused on creating a culture of healing (also the second club below.) Speaker | Podcaster | Moderator Healing & Wellness Clubhouse Programs on @KinetBet club ✳️ የምስጋና ሰአት - Gratitude Hour/Mindfulness/Recharging Station: Tuesdays @ 8pm est & Fridays @ 10am est ✳️ Bi-Monthly Wednesdays: የይቅርታ ሰአታት - Forgiveness Hours (2 hrs) ✳️ Bi-Monthly Mondays: Healing Journey Conversations Passionate about ✨ Dissecting Cultural Norms ✨ Healthy Parenting ✨ Empowering others ✨ Spreading Love 💗 Contact 📧: [email protected] 🔅We can begin to heal when we walk in Love and use Compassion to understand ourselves and others.🔅 ፩🇪🇹💚💛❤ $KinetBet Let’s speak based on knowledge, not just opinions.