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🥬🍉🌶️🥗🥦🌱🍓🥒🥦🍅 Mom❤️ Self Employed💰 CREATE YOUR OWN ECONOMY🥦 nutritionally💪🏼physically💰financially fit 💰virtual Franchises available throughout the US, Canada and 25 additional countries. Text for details and eligibility 🥒it’s easier to raise healthy children than fix broken men🥬 “A rising tide lifts all boats” Care for and invest in your health now or you will spend your wealth attempting to fix it later. 🌱Food technology🌱 🥑Corporate wellness🧘🥦 📚Education programs for children (homeschool, Public ,private) on gardening and nutrition 🌱 🩺🥦💰 Medical,fitness and health professionals- add a clinically researched (peer reviewed & published). regulated nutritional component to your existing business 🌿 Restaurants owners/head chef grow your own produce year round 💰entrepreneurs add an additional income stream 🏢 developers and commercial real estate owners add an amenity & revenue stream to your existing properties Global speaker on “fueling for performance and recovery” (for youth athletes and parents) “Creating your own economy” “Taking personal responsibility” Epigentics 🧬 Nutrigenomics Nutritional research 🔬🥦🧪🫐 Nutritional safety for gymnasts🤸‍♀️ Increasing food security 💝Helping parents become financially fit to have options to raise and educate their children Text (718) 550-0387 to connect collaborate IF you: 🥦want to live healthier 💰want another stream of income 🥕want to integrate a wellness component in to your existing business 💰are philanthropic and want to support programs for children ❤️are a parent who needs/wants income to be home raising your children 🥦have the resources,work ethic, heart or time to invest in eradicating food deserts and food insecurity 💰interested in owning your own franchise text “Challenge” for info to join our next 10 day challenge to reset & jumpstart your health, get rid of habits that no longer serve you &create new healthy ones designed to last a lifetime.This is powered by plants&backed by science. Text “Recipes” for a complimentary recipe book COLLEGE STUDENTS: : text “internship” to apply for paid internship Be part of the SOLUTION- live your core values and align with others who do the same S olutions (create&provide them) O pportunity (is everywhere- find it) L eadership & Loyalty Us- it takes a team (align with others T eam who have similar vision&values) I mpact (who are you serving ?) O pen (stay open to learn&grow) N utrition (it’s our foundation)