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🛒 Owner/Developer of $92m South Florida shopping center portfolio, Currently Recruiting entrepreneurs for The POP Up Experience in Tower City in Cleveland - dm me if you are interested! I help Mall owners fill vacancies! *I help retail leasing agents fill shopping center vacancies !🛒 📞 💲 *I HELP WOMEN INVEST in CRE! 👠. 💰 2nd annual Women’s CRE Investor Summit- Davie. Fl March 8, 2023 Accredited Partner of Grant Cardone 10X Cardone Capital) 💰💰 *Co-Founder SFIRA (South Fla Independent Retailers Award-think Oscars for mom/pop-brick/mortar retailers) 🏆 5th annual coming Fall ‘23 CH Goals: *Connect small businesses, entrepreneurs and DTC Brands looking for retail space. I am a diehard FSU Seminole fan ——> *Founding Chair of FSU’s Real Estate Foundation 📚 “Don’t Say No For The Prospect” 📚 “The Retail Leasing Playbook” 🎤 “The Retail Leasing Playbook Podcast” 📚 The Rockstar Book Club (where CRE folks discuss books to impact their Buz) *Rockstar to Superstar workshops/on line classes 📓 34 years experience in the shopping center industry. 🛒 🛍 🏬 🏪 DM me to see if I can help YOU: ☎️ 305-970-0416 [email protected] Over 100 FREE videos on YouTube on Retail Leasing Tips 🎥 Follow me on Linked In Www.Azor Advisory Www.Azor