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Beth Karlin




Behavioral scientist and founder of See Change, a research (and practice) institute working to study and shape behavior for the greater good. Currently working on projects to: 🌞 transition cities to renewable energy 🌎 engage people in sustainable behavior 🎬 bring documentary film into classrooms πŸ“ measure diversity and inclusion in movies πŸ₯ improve Medicaid enrollment πŸ—³ eliminate voter suppression πŸ‘” train leaders on behavior change The basics: πŸ“Los Angeles born, bred, and based πŸŽ“ PhD in Social Ecology, UC Irvine πŸ”₯ Burner and regional camp lead ✑️ Reboot Los Angeles co-chair 🍫 obsessed with chocolate 🌹 always smell the roses πŸ’– Love is the answer ⬇️ DMs open - response time may vary.