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Bringing Expertise To Homes 🦋 Consultant in childrens residential/compliance/culture change/audits/Ofsted/therapeutic practice⭐️ We talk residential homes! We talk regulations! We talk Ofsted And most important…. We talk children! Complete direct work with children in care/sexually harmful behaviour/gang affiliated/CSE ❤️ Connector of people to make great communities 💕 I run a social group called Single & Celebrating 🥂I have around 50 members, who love being single and celebrate 💝 Hello you 👋 Lovely to see you here 🥰 We crossed paths for a reason, so let’s grab a cuppa & connect ❤️ 💖 Lover of people. Lover of life. Sharing oodles of love and a showering of rainbows 💕 📍 Ascot Uk based 🥰 🔗LinkedIn Beth Massey ☎️ WhatsApp O7498 930092