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Mike Lesperance




Certified personal trainer Personal trainer Hospital worker You can say I save lives and I change lives a modern day hero of sorts lol 😎. ,That aside I’m an open minded individual that’s here In good faith to learn in all facets of my life. Been on this app since the end of 2019 and I’m so glad this app embraces dialogue and being able to find like minded people and even learn from those that are different. I’m here to connect and network with people and who knows where that can lead to so I’m very open to what the possibilities are Hobbies i do enjoy being active whether it’s working out , playing sports like football and basketball, im down to walk trails and take in nature. I do also enjoy meaningful productive conversations, mostly on smaller rooms but not the big rooms I just chill out in the cut , the topics vary , I also enjoy singing and though I’m ok, I’m learning find which songs work with me which has been a cool process . “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard I have to shout out the clubhouse room the address they are active every Tuesday as 1pm and they deal with mens mental health, it’s been very productive and seeing men be open and raw express their challenges will help to stop the ever increasing suicide rate of men 80% of suicides around the wold are from adult men 😔, I encourage men that see this message particularly black men go check them out or message me about it, and shout out to the women who come to those rooms to support and learn from our dialogues , to then see how they can support the men in their lives whether in family , friends , relationships or marriage 🙏🏽