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💬 Founder of: Commerce Club, VC & Angels Club ♣️ Clubhouse user #707 🔥 Co-Founder & President @ Octane AI (Zero-party data marketing platform for Shopify, backed by Javelin & General Catalyst) 🔮 Author of ”Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention” (HarperCollins/HarperOne) ❤️ Board director @ Leila Janah Foundation (formerly Samasource) 💰 Investor/Advisor: Shots Studios, LeadIQ, Elanza Wellness, Weekend Fund, more ✍️ Former Co-Editor & Editor-at-Large of Mashable ✍️ Former Columnist at CNET. 💸 I did some VC too. 🙌🏽 Forbes 30 Under 30 Regular shows: 🔥 Fire Show (deep dives into the success of one DTC brand) 🔮 Captivology Show (conversations with innovators, celebrities, and the world’s most captivating people) 🗣 Pitch Practice (with Shondra, Chris and more, Tuesdays 5 PT) 🎙 Commerce Conversations (casual chats about commerce) 🎩 Hosting shows about startups & entrepreneurship, DTC & ecommerce, VC & investors, media & entertainment, Shopify, social, marketing, and tech. 🔗 for the Commerce Club newsletter! 🔥Octane AI: Quizzes, Messenger, and SMS marketing. We’re hiring!