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friends Find my website, podcast, clubhouse, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on Linktree 💫🌪 Have been called an atmosphere shifter, but I prefer to be one to be used to have you set your eyes upon Jesus. I want to be a heart shifter. 🎣🏥 Evangelist- because they feel I spark repentance, and full of boldness but that’s not me, that’s the Holy Spirit. I also am passionate about healing and deliverance. However I do have a desire to raise up disciples and fisherman. So I have also been called apostolic. 🙏🏽🤲🏽 I prefer to just be a Friend and son of God. Lover of Jesus who desires to see His name and kingdom enlarged. Disciple maker. Follow me as I follow Christ and I will make you fishers of men. ✝️ Prophet | Fisher of Men l l Podcaster I Son I Friend of God | Revelator I Writer I Lover that fell in love with The Lover of my Soul l✝️ 🔥 I have a burning desire to see you come to truly know God and not just about Him. Relation over information. ❤️ I have been told I carry the heart of the Father. I believe His heart is to truly know you. I believe God is always speaking. It is my desire that you know His heart and will for you. 🦅 Prophet - but i prefer to just be seen as a friend of God that lets other people know what He is saying and how He sees them. God gives me instructions to give to you. God uses me to exhort. Man looks at the outer appearance, but God sees the heart. 📖 I love revelation of the word. I love dispelling ignorance. I do not wish that anyone is ignorant. So some have also called me a teacher. God has a lot to say through His word, more than we know. You find greater revelation through meditation. Anything you meditate on God will open up your understanding of it. 📚 God gives me lots of revelation so follow me on Instagram to keep up with them and purchase some of my books. 🎙 PODCASTER | I am the host of the D.E.A.P. Devotionals podcast. The acronym stands for: ▪️ Drop ▪️ Everything ▪️ And ▪️ Pray In this podcast, we break down Scripture in such a way that it knocks down the walls of the human heart and causes us to drop everything and pray. Listen and subscribe on your favorite streaming platforms! CONTACT: 📍 Site: 📍 FB: @ThatYouMayKnowHim 📍 YouTube: “Ginosko - Outrageous Outreach” 📍 CashApp: $benjaminshalomcarr 📍Zelle:[email protected] 📍PayPal:[email protected] 📍Venmo:benjaminshalomcarr