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Belinda Agnew




Call me B! The Tech Startup fanatic 🦄 FIRST... If you're reading this, I’m here to add VALUE and pay it forward. 🔥 Serial Entrepreneur 👥 Scaling businesses with talent 👸🏽 MARKETING & TECH is my forte 🤓 PASSION for start-up tech companies ▪️ Board Member on #tech startups 👁 Top 1% on LinkedIn Startups and Unicorns CLUB 🦄 Women & Tech CLUB 🤓 MY OBSESSION is helping tech and software companies find their voice with their BRAND and TALENT🔥 Currently involved in Fintech, SaaS and HRTech. ⚫️Managing Partner at Enamus. ⚫️Advisor at BizPay, growing faster than AfterPay. ⚫️Advisor at Anywhere Auctions. ⚫️Brand Ambassador at Women in Tech. Raised by a single Mum ♥️ Vegan 🌱 🎙Start Ups and Unicorns PODCAST — TOP 10 Podcast in Australia sitting in Business and Entrepreneurship Category 🙆🏽‍♀️ 📍 SYD - MELB Australia Want to know more 👇🏽 FOLLOW ME ON LINKEDIN - DM me ‘CLUBHOUSE’ on IG or LinkedIn to connect for collaborations. Open to hearing opportunities — Let me know what value ad can be given!