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Beiron Hallberg




Beiron Hallberg med stark energi framåt! Jag älskar livet och vågar vara mig själv och sprider positivitet 🤩🇸🇪 My laughter has become my Swedish trade mark! The swedish people recognise me by my energy and my laughter haha! My superpower is to be myself at all times! 😂 ✳️ I am the creator and moderator for The Positive Club! Its on a mission to become the biggest Positive Club and Community here on Clubhouse where like-minded people can connect and grow with and from each other! I want to inspire people to be themselves by let go of all the fears of peoples opinions they have of you. Who is in control in your own thoughts? Are you the master of your own head? 🥳💪🏼 Have the courage to be disliked in a world full of like buttons! I don’t know how to be anything else but myself 100% at all times! 🤩🎉 Im passionate about personal growth, entertainment, entrepreneurship, financial education and cooking. ❤️ Books that had a great impact on my life! 📚 📖 The Real Happy Pill by Anders Hansen ( Hjärnstark ) 📖 The Advantages of ADHD by Anders Hansen ( Fördel ADHD ) 📖 Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill 📖 Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki 📖 Millionaire success habits by dean graziosi