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George Freeman




Gene Key Guide and Present Moment Crusader embracing the mystery of life as it unfolds with Grace and synchronicity. 20 years ago someone said that life experience is the greatest teacher. I honestly didn't get it till 4 years ago when the Gene Keys entered my life. Although, it was still 2 years of using the tools of Contemplation, Inquiry, Patience, and Gentleness before I understood that it was the embrace of all patterns that come up! This was the lesson. I kept pushing away pain or tried to erase it. Now I had to learn to be with it and blow it kisses.... lol. Then a miracle happened. My patterns started to come through animals showing up in my life and my contemplations rose to another level where I wasn't trying to know anymore.... in fact the biggest epiphany ever was to embrace the discomfort zone of not knowing. Life became a series of synchronicities through numbers and animals and people. In fact, the more I showed up in life, the more life showed up for me. Now after 4 years of diving deep, I have taken on an equanimous view that life is happening for me in every moment and teaching me to respond from intuition vs reacting to pain or perceived negative feelings or situations. YESSSSSS, Jimmy Stewart... It is a wonderful life!!!!! I created a complimentary one Gene Key Discovery Call that may help guide you deeper into your own mystery. In this short connection with me, you may unlock patterns that may have appeared to hold you back since childhood. Connect with me to learn more. Or you can just go to this link below. and use code Shine11.