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Tanya Umphrey




Hello CH friends! I believe in 🔆 Equality and equity for all. 🔆 Ending white supremacy. 🔆 Smashing the patriarchy. My interests are: 📍Bitcoin 📍Crypto 📍NFT 📍Film 📍Singer/songwriting 📍Divine feminine empowerment Excited to connect with forward thinking, boss babes and creatives who want to change the 🗺. Digital nomad living in the 🌴 LA area. Not into listing accomplishments, more interested in creating them. Guaranteed to break any expectations regardless, anyone who truly gets to know me will understand immediately. Find me on IG at Haute_Tater_8791, Reddit at HauteTater, my YT is HauteTaterTube. Email collab requests to [email protected]