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Wendy Reeves




🙏 Blessed to be a blessing 🚗 Automotive BDC and VBC Enthusiast, Trainer and Architect 🚗 | Consultant | BDM Coach | ☎️ On-site or Virtual BDCs-VBCs -options to fit your store culture | 🎙Speaker | ✳️ CH Moderator 🇺🇸 🚗 Automotive BDC/Human Side of AI Room in Clubhouse every week at 11am Eastern Wednesdays Human Side of AI. 🚗 Born into the car business, I am a BDC and Automotive Industry enthusiast through and through. ❤️Blessed to be doing something that I love. 🙏🏻❤️ Https:// Not all angels 😇 have wings. Some of us wear headsets. 🎧 Check out our service bdc ai bot at - assisted by ChatGPT - use it for agent questions, scripting, text replies, rebuttals, email templates…. Over 70 mil characters if content. Mobile: 414.303.0493 Reach out to me and we can discuss your options - on-site or virtual, ILM by sales team or BDC. Also in house or remote VBC set up and outsourcing. Never use a cookie cutter approach. Choose the model that fits your dealership or business. Data mining | BDC design/launch for Sales or Service | BDC staff recruiting and screening.