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Bassem Kadry




💡 A Reverse Startup Designer, serial entrepreneur crafting ideas into novel ventures. Build/Learn/Develop 💪 Empowering entrepreneurs to discover, Explore, and Explode scalable MVPs. A Believer in building specialized startup communities to connect the dots! Let's bridge the gap together. Co-founder of 🔬 ScienceWerx Inc Leveraging Scientific Discovery for the betterment of humankind. Bridging the gap between research and the commercialization of science-related technologies and leveraging the enormous amount of intellectual property at federal and academic laboratories to solve real-world health and quality-of-life issues 💡 Founder of 60 Minutes Business بالعربي Talk Show on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and House on Clubhouse. 👋 Founder of Clubs here on Clubhouse: Entreprenologies🚀& Startup News بالعربي 👋 Founder of House : Startupبالعربي 60 Minutes Business بالعربي Clubhouse Business بالعربي Space Economy بالعربي Having a different point of view isn't a crime! It's called Freedom of speech 🙂 #untagme Bimmer (00=[]=00) Lover