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Musana Mario Bartimas




Am Musana Mario Bartimas founder of AGOM CHILDREN FOUNDATION (AGAPAO OUTREACH MISSION) in Uganda 🇺🇬 »»Children Educator and caretaker HELP 🙏🤲 BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS NAME: Centenary Bank Uganda Account Num: 3204204721 Name: Musana Bartimas marrio Am single with no child of my own but I decided to support the children who are orphans , (street children) Teenage mothers and refugees So the children I stand to support an innocent child whose parents passed away,. Am beseeching for your support so we can be able together » To buy Land to build a school and a home for children » Create a farm for growing food » Taking children to school and scholastic materials » Building bedrooms for children in orphanage » Supporting 100 Congolese Refugees in kyaka ii refugee camp 1. » Children (orphans)= 50 2. » Teenage mothers = 10 3. » People with Disabilities 4. » Street children There is a virus called hunger , it kills many children but it's vaccine exists, and it's called food but Bec it doesn't kill the rich , it's never published , and no lockdown, but together we can heal hunger in children. 10dollars can feed a child for a month , Your donation will surely heal hunger virus in children God bless you »A voice to the voiceless »Impacting and Empowering the women to have the same opportunity in our community. ›››LOVE FULL OF GIVING HEALS. God bless you ★ »›Western Union wallet details Name : Musana Marrio Bartimas Contact: +256750889331 Wallet service: Airtel Country: Uganda Email: [email protected] Post Address: p.o box 326 Bugiri Eagle Tabernacle. PAYPAL: [email protected] +256750889331 Name : Musana Bartimas Mario » Creating a campaign of Girl child Education in my community »Creating awareness against Domestic violence towards children and women »» Awareness/CAMPAIGN AGAINST FGM( FEMALE GENITAL MULTILATION ) in Masai and Sabin culture. "AGENT OF CHANGE" DM ME ON WhatsApp number +256750889331 DM ME ON BACK CHANNEL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT MARIO BARTIMAS