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BARRISTERLONDON.CO.UK ✳️🇬🇧🏆At The Bar | 🥇First Class Honours | ✍️Oxford University Matriculant | AUTHOR | Successful in the UK Court of Appeal “Talks” Club↙️ 🇬🇧📱✳️SILENT MOD✳️ Call on weekends & evenings too! Barristers Chambers🇬🇧 - Ring ➡️0207 867 3744⬅️ to book and follow the instructions. You will be asked to email us. (All booking requests and enquiries need to be set out in writing by email initially (with court documents by pdf for us to consider), so that we have enough information to provide a quote for you to agree). Family Law UK Landlord & Tenant Law Property Court Hearing experts -Possession hearings (Mortgage, Tenant) -Disrepair -Deposit Debt Collection (Breach of Contract) Court Hearing Experts Driving Defence (Speeding, Points, Disqualification etc) What date and location is your court hearing? What is your budget for representation? Be prepared to answer those questions. Text ➡️07404 588 660⬅️ to book: (Civil / Commercial Barrister London Court Representation for 🇬🇧UK Landlords, Tenants, Solicitors, businesses and members of the public)⬅️ ✳️Super Moderator✳️🧩 - A decade as a paid public speaker. ✳️🇬🇧🌍Positive vibes only. 📕Apple Books | BOOKCLUBENGLAND.COM Search Author title “How to qualify as a Barrister or Solicitor in England & Wales UK” 🧩👀 To hear how I featured on the Netflix “The Social Dilemma” documentary film watched by billions, please join the “TALKS” Club for tech, future and legal news.👋 *Any thing said by anyone including me on a stage I am on is not financial or investment or legal advice or any type of advice and should not be relied on and no liability is accepted for reliance. Please do your own research. Views expressed in rooms I am in or on stages I am on or moderate or by people I follow do not reflect my own views. Further interests: London UK Technology Moderation University of Oxford University of Cambridge Ivy League Barrister Barristers Solicitor Solicitors Lawyer Lawyers Legal Law Investments Investors British Solicitors British Solicitor British Lawyer British Lawyers British Barristers British Barrister London Lawyer London Lawyers London Solicitor London Solicitors Litigation UK Litigant in Person United Kingdom England🇬🇧 ⬇️ Follow ⬇️