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Barbara Fonti




🌱Sales Trainer & Coach for Entrepreneurs 🌱Fortune 500 Sales Leader 🌱Certified Mental Fitness Coach 🌱Blessed with Success & Committed to Yours 🙏 HOPE is not a strategy. 🍀 LUCK is not a factor. ——————————————————— 🗣 Let’s talk. I’ll show you: 🚀 How to quiet your fears 🚀 How you can get results immediately 🚀 Areas you can work smarter 🚀 Where you are self-sabotaging 🚀 How to ⬆️ your happiness Let’s make your dream a reality. 🗣 ———————————————————- 🚀 My numbers: ➡️ 26 years experience ➡️ 2700+ people I’ve trained ➡️ 50-100% increase in your revenue 🌱 My values: Honesty Personal growth Serving others RESULTS.🎉. ————————————————————— I am a: Certified Master Coach Harvard Leadership Coach Positive Intelligence Pioneer Intern’l Coach Federation Member Fortune 500 Sales Leader ☀️Obsessed with everything water | sailing⛵️| paddle boarding 🌊 | surfing🏄‍♀️ | beach bumming⛱ | 🎤 “You are more powerful than you think you are. So act accordingly.” Join my ♣️ ‘YOUR BIG DREAM LIFE’ Schedule a Discovery Call at or in IG Bio