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Kathi Tait




🏅Best-selling author of Women Gone Wild - Join the WGW Summit with the link in my Insta profile 🏆Bronze Winner 2021 Ausmumpreneur Awards - Women Who Will Change The World 🔥Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Coach & Accountant and founder of the Baldwarrior Movement. 💥Alopecia Awareness, Inspiration & Empowerment - Smashing Social Norms 🪓 🎙Transforming the world through inspiration and Mindset Evolution with our podcast Bald and Blonde currently heard in 56 countries! 🏆Awarding winning Management Accountant and entrepreneur. 🧲Connect with me: FB @KathiRTait @Dreamlifecreatorsbaldwarrior @baldwarrior @baldandblonde Web Https:// Https:// Insta @baldevolution - link below 🧲 📞Book a Zoom Call here: ♣️ Collaborate with Bald and Blonde on CH and deliver your audience amazing value - DM me on Instagram to chat 💌