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🎤International Award-Winning Host, Speaker, Creator and Coach with 20 years on TV 🙋🏻‍♀️”Top Motivational Speakers To Watch” - Yahoo Finance, Success Magazine, Forbes ⭐️Founder, Stand Out Online Academy - DM me ROADMAP for your FREE Stand Out Online Roadmap! FORMERLY: 🎬TV/Commercial, Stage + Voiceover Actor 🎥Seen on NBC•CBS•HGTV•MTV 💁🏻‍♀️Fortune 500 Spokesperson 🙏Odds-Defying Life Warrior ⭐️Living Proof that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE 💗From Hollywood to Years Bedbound to Living Proof that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Once you hear my story, you’ll never again question what you’re capable of.💪 TRUSTED BY: Hilton•Paramount Studios•Ford•Hewlett-Packard•GlaxoSmithKline•Johnson & Johnson•RedBull•Tempur-Pedic•Shark•ComicCon•Rakuten Ebates•Meeting Professionals International•International Live Events Association•Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce HOW I HELP THE WORLD: ⭐️Coaching you to become more CLEAR, CONFIDENT and CREATIVE in your business, on social media/video and off! ⭐️Sharing my 12-year survivor journey of hope, transformation and inspiration, “From Hollywood To Housebound To Healing”, and the INCREDIBLE mindset and resiliency systems developed from it (featured in “LA’s Most Inspiring Stories”, VoyageLA). ⭐️Empowering you to “BABBLE ON” (keep going) while showing what’s possible after hitting rock bottom following an accident. Spent most of my 30s: housebound, disabled, requiring 24/7 care, bankrupt and suicidally depressed while recovering from a life-threatening neck injury that severely impacted my BREATHING. ➡️If I can overcome that AND learn how to turn it into can do absolutely ANYTHING.⬅️ DO WE HAVE ANY OF THESE IN COMMON? 🌴Based in Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 💗Hope Dealer 🕯Spiritual Christian 😊Love talking Mindset, Marketing + Manifestation 🎤Singer/Writer of Musical Parodies 💗Invisible Conditions, Mental Health, and Patient Advocate 🥄Stem Cell Chronic Spoonie 💃🏻Musical Theatre/Improv 🎥Live Video Pioneer 🥰Events + Venue Aficionado 🦅 Philly Native 💗Empath 🦒Animal Lover ♊️Gemini 💁🏻‍♀️”When you wake up breathing, it’s a good day!” -my motto😉