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You can call me Ben! ✍🏼 LA-based Writer and Producer at SkyView Way Studios with partner Taboo 🎶 of Black Eyed Peas. 🎥 Current projects with Marvel, Cartoon Network, and Gaumont. 🎭Mythology through Music is our storytelling mantra! 🎶🎞📚Our content is focused on building platforms for indigenous and First People’s voices in Hollywood and exploring the Mosaic of Multi-culture. ✨ 🧠 Doing a weekly conversation in our “Storytelling, Philosophy, and...” Club🎙🌳🤓 on storytelling, modern mythology-making, philosophy, and the intersection of technology and the arts. Check it out at 830AM PST every Monday and Friday! 📺Latest news: GHOST RIDER 📺Other news: MASTERS OF THE SUN 🎙Some interviews: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT