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DrAzeeza Jalaludeen




🇸🇬From Homemaker to Visionary Business Leader💖Conscious Capitalism🌈Founder -GOGLOBAL Accelerator in Conscious Tourism 🔥Mod in longest running Pitch Club on CH👋 👋CH creator GoGLOBAL Business Club Tamil Business Club 💥YOUR Brand Success IS OUR Success 🎯Your Comprehensive Global Community to Grow your Biz- GOGLOBAL Acceleration Program 📲 Book your strategy call Co-Founded 🎯GOGLOBAL Business School 🔥DEWI Wealth Accelerator for Women-Owned Business 🇲🇾 🌳 Other businesses in India, Malaysia and Mauritius. 🎓(Dr.h.c)Hon. Doctorate in Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Specialisation in Biz Networking. 🤝Connector to Global Conscious Influencers 🔥Founder Conscious Leadership Program 🎋Life/Biz Vision Alignment Mentor 🌟Author & Show Producer 💠Our GoOGLOBAL Ecosystem in Conscious Capitalism ♦️Conscious Leaders ♦️Conscious Businesses ♦️Conscious Investments 🦋Pioneer in People Transformation Industry from Asia, since 2002 With Business Partners - Associates, Shareholders and Customers in more than 20 countries 🌟Completed 10,000+hours Online /Offline Business Transformation & Connecting for SMEs 💖LIFE MISSION💖 🌏Global Peace through Global Business 🌏Global Networking for businesses to Grow Global from Asia ✴️ Next Milestone 🦄Impacting 100k Business Owners to thrive and live a fulfilling life as ONE GLOBAL COMMUNITY through Conscious Capitalism 🧧企业家的国际平台 讲中文的(新加坡)印度人 中文名字 : 爱丽莎博士 வணிக ஆற்றல், வணிக உறவுகள், வணிக வளர்ச்சி ! 🎙Produced & Hosted 900+ Online Interviews | Business Sessions with 500+ Global Leaders within 24months 🌐 🔥Passionate Learner, Practitioner and Advocate/ Speaker on ✅Global Peace and Inner Alignment ✅Conscious Leadership ✅Conscious Capitalism ✅Business Growth Plan for Training/Coaching Businesses ✅Generational Wealth Distribution I am blessed to be ♥️ Singaporean by Birth ♥️ Chinese by Education ♥️ Indian - Arab by Ancestral Lineage ♥️ American by Business transformation ♥️ Globian by Heart Communicate to 80% of Asia Fluent 💠English, Mandarin, Tamil, Bahasa Understand 💠Hindi, Malayalam, Arab 📲DM me 🔥For investment opportunities in global impact (conscious) businesses in Singapore-Malaysia-India-Asia💜💰 🌀LinkedIn Follow us on Facebook @GoGLOBALAccelerator