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Your technology teacher & supporter. Hire me for your next CH or Zoom Event.... ———————————————— Techie to the Rescue here ⚡️ For 12 🗓 years I 👨‍🏫 taught, mentored and coached for Apple Inc.🍎 ———————————————— 🗣HELPING you learn your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or PC remotely over Zoom. ———————————————— JOIN ME ON CH for the SILK LITTLE JOHN EXPERIENCE 👩🏾‍🦯🍳 see CH: @silklittlejohn ———————————————— On Clubhouse you may find me on large stages supporting backstage operations. If you want me to support your stage as a speaker or moderator please let me know. ———————————————— 🏆1st ever CLUBHOUSE HERO AWARD WINNER March 8th Presented by ISIS DJATA ———————————————— 1 of the first 1000 to receive monetization. ———————————————— Get in touch through IG DM 👇