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Aviva Mohilner




Human connection. Social entrepreneurship. Building brands and partnerships. Sharing stories and lullabies. Bringing hugging back 🤗 WORK-LOVES 😴 Partner in Lullaby.Club, creating a cozy corner of Clubhouse to soothe the soul and rock you to sleep with nightly music and spoken word. Also point person for partnerships, if that’s on your radar ;) 💖 Founder of HELD, experiences & workshops that create safe spaces for authentic connection and nurturing touch (in the Before Times) 💪🏼 Other brand development work and special projects Jill-of-many-trades LET’S TALK ABOUT (among other things)... 🤔 What we’ve been learning, thinking, feeling or celebrating lately 🤗 How we can make a positive difference in the world, esp using the power of business/brands 🤓 Anything nerdy I wouldn’t usually get to discuss or learn about (#sapiosexual ;) 🥰 Our mutual ❤️ of dogs, humans, NY, Istanbul, tacos, travel, vanlife, mezcal, curls, hugs (not exhaustive and in no particular order) 🖤