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Avi Esther




✨I am that I am✨ Here to listen and engage in meaningful conversation. I work with people who are ready to birth or rebirth themselves as a Tantric Rebirthing and graceful child birthing facilitator. Amanita Muscaria (& psilocybin) educator, micro dosing and journey facilitator. Helping individuals and families navigate confusion and emotional triggers in order to make clear choices about the steps forward into the next phase with ease. Experienced trauma informed transformational guide, psychic, and metaphysical healer. Certified in hypnosis, NLP, creative healing technique, tantra, birth doula, shamanic rebirther, ancestral healer, Earth wisdoms, magic & psychic development. Offering bespoke healing transformation sessions and legal entheogenic tinctures tailored to exactly what you need. Instead of squeezing you into a specific modality or process, I meet you where you are, in full presence and integrity to support your most empowered healing experience. I’m so grateful for the intuitive psychic gifts I have which enable me to open magicly within myself and others consistently, creating pockets of miracles for aligned wishes to be granted. Parent of a brilliant High Functioning Autistic teen: Do you get triggered by your kids?? I have lots of tips if you need help or coaching to DeEscalate ADHD and ASD reactions to yourself and Kids. As a child I felt alone in the human world as I didn’t know others who spoke to and played with spirits, I didn’t understand why I was different or why I could heal people without effort. Accepting my gifts and working with others to heal and open to their gifts has opened a whole community of wonderful, magical people whom I feel privileged to call friends. I would love to include you as a new friend, so if this resonates please introduce yourself. ❕ Mystic Initiations 🍄 muscaria færy witch 🍄 Ceremony Facilitator & Integration Guide 🔮 Tarot Reader 🔥 Tantra Teacher 🥰 Orgasmic Birth Prep Coach 🤰🏻 Helping Couples Conceive 🔘 Virtual Doula 🌳 Grounded Dreamer 💓 Wisdom Bliss Activator ☀️ Wellness Teacher 🌀 Empathic Intuitive 🎶 Guided Meditations 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Channeling: beloveds, ancestors and incoming souls Find out more or book a discovery call [email protected] or If I’ve helped you and you wish to say thank you:💸💷 £AviEsther PayPal 💸💷