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BitClout: @averywhite Health & Wellness Distributor JAG Naturals LLC 🌿 Healthy food policy advocate🪴 From the dawn of civilization herbs have assisted in self healing. JAG Naturals, LLC Eleotin line of products are plant based, medicinal and restorative herbal supplements. JAG Naturals LLC’s goal is to provide practical, day-to-day guidance on your journey to wellness. We are excited to be a holistic part of your integrative health care team. We are your one stop shop for wellness care with the power to change the way you live with diabetes, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, immune system deficiency and so much more. We have products that provide a heavy metal detox and a thorough colon/gut cleanse. We have a powerful plant based vitamin C supplement called Ma5 to fortify your immune system naturally as well as our top customer rated collagen duo pack and so much more. Make Healthy Your New Happy! Note: Always consult your medical team before making changes to any element of your diabetes management. Join the JAG Family🎯 Mom-trepeneur! #familyiseverything All rights reserved without prejudice. UCC 1-308