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Empowering others on their transformative paths. From Homeless Addict ➡️ Spiritual Badass. 🔥Mind 🔥Body 🔥Spirit 🔥Recovery AuthenticRAW Founder & 200K+ FB Followers w/ 83Million Reached Worldwide 💢RAW Transformations Smashing through limitations with style, Empowering others with Bold Authenticity, Gratitude, and Alignment, no room for BS. "I can sit down with scholars, stand up with thugs, or ascend on them both." 💢Certified Infinite Possibilities Teacher 💢I AM a... Visionary | Entrepreneur | Thought Leader Brand Strategist | Digital Creator | Writer Energy Intuitive | Spiritual Aligner | Life & Business Alchemist | Motivational Speaker Teacher | Student | Urban Mystic 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 After losing my family to death within two years, I spiraled into drugs, alcohol & self-destruction. Then, on February 26, 2011, a stranger's words, "good morning, young man; you can change this," ignited my transformation. For 13 years, I've been sober, showcasing the transformative power within each of us. 🛑 Ignite Your Spark of Divinity 💥Embrace alignment, manifest your reality 💥Awaken the transformative power within 💥Real, raw, and unapologetically you 💢Purpose/Passions/Vibes ⚡️Service to Others ⚡️Gratitude ⚡️Alignment ⚡️Manifestation ⚡️Metaphysics ⚡️Authenticity ⚡️Mindset ⚡️Spirituality ⚡️Consciousness ⚡️Recovery ⚡️Personal Development ⚡️Web3 💢Join the House of AuthenticRAW on Clubhouse or follow on Facebook for an empowering, unapologetic community. Ready to unlock your limitless potential? Let's do this together!💥 💢DM or email me at: [email protected] 💢Website: 💢Socials: authenticRAW11 💢CashApp $ReneAuthenticRAW