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Founder of Clubhouse’s “Your Author Life” for authors who want to get in front of more readers. CEO of Meaningful Manuscripts a self-publishing training & development company for adult learners in Newport News, VA. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2021 Visionary Author Awards. Nominate your favorite Anthologist, Editor, Graphic Designer, and more here: Award-winning, Bestselling Author 🏆 l National Speaker 🎤 l Master Anthologist 👯👯l Publishing Consultant 📚 Member of TSP Mastermind 💰 Are you ready to finally write your manuscript? ✍🏾 Tired of adding it back to your todo list every January 1st? 😳 Join us in the Get Your Author Life Bootcamp and get the training, accountability and support you need ✅ Meaningful Manuscripts® helps entrepreneurs get in front of more readers by leveraging anthologies. The more people that read your book, the more clients you can sell your products and services to later. Interested in growing your audience with anthologies? Grab a spot on my calendar and let’s chat Join our online community, Mastering Meaningful Manuscripts® at Let’s connect on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @authenticaudra @yourauthorlife