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“Take me where I need to be, show me what I need to see, so I can be a better we.” Tips welcomed. $4dportal (cash app) ♾☀️👽🚀Upcoming Events🚀👽☀️♾ ***************** ♾ Infinity Gate Festival ♾ August 8th, Mount Shasta, California $love0808(cash app) ——————————————————— ——————————————————— ♾☀️❤️Opening the infinity portal within❤️☀️♾ In the name of All That Is, from the center of my being as I connect with the center of all other beings, until there is no separation, I ask that the heart and the consciousness of all humankind be enlarged to include one another. I call upon that which is unity, that which is the same within all beings to be recognized as such, so that even as each being addresses another, they also address themselves. I call upon the sons and daughters of all humanity to rise, not in anger but in peace, to rise as one conscious body of a generational peace that says, “peace begins with me.” And I attune myself to the center of the Earth, to the center of each heart and to the center of the universe, in achieving this. I offer myself as counsel, I offer myself as devotion and I offer myself as the first example. -Gaia (Through Pepper Lewis) ——————————————————— -Spreading the light through our non-profit. Learn more at -Spreading learnings through our podcast. Learn more at -Higher Aligned video production services. Learn more at