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🎬 Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host & Producer. President of The Limelight Television Network 🎙 Get CELEBRITIZED podcast founder & host 📲 Book a call with me to see if I can help you achieve your WILDEST DREAMS NOW!! 👇👇👇👇👇 📲Link in IG bio Helping Podcasters & entrepreneurs who love video marketing launch their own TV show onAppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku and the Limelight Network to grow their visibility, credibility and profitability. Serving on the Emmy Awards Board of Governors and as an Emmy judge. ❌ TEDx & International Keynote Speaker ☀️Breakfast With Champions weekly speaker Tuesdays @7:30 AM Eastern & daily Moderator 🎙 Podcast production and training specialist DM me on IG if YOU want to massively increase your 🎤 VISIBILTY 🎤 CREDIBILITY 🎤 PROFITABILITY By implementing my signature strategies helping YOU get on only the BEST event stages, podcasts, television and other media outlets where your IDEAL CLIENTS are waiting for YOU to show up! Start by attending my next FREE Masterclass Link in my IG bio too. 🎬 Contributing lead TV host for the weeknight show “Atlanta Live” seen on WATC-TV 📌 Author & Co-Author of 8 Self Help books. 📍Follow me and all my shows on YouTube @ AureaMcGarry ✳ Clubhouse's 1st LIVE Charity Auctioneer on this platform. Raising 13K in a LIVE auction Clubhouse room! I’ve raised over $50,000.00 for Haiti in 60 days Look for my picture. ♣️ Join my “CELEBRITIZE Your Business” Clubhouse House 🌟Award Winning Founder and host of “Smart Talk”and “Success Talk” online TV shows featured on YouTube @AureaMcGarry AND The popular long running “Live Your Legacy Summit” event series in Atlanta & Florida. #TEDx #Podcasting #BWC #Breakfastwithchampions #TheMomLink #ewn #EventEmcee 🖤 AVAILABLE FOR MEDIA INTERVIEWS & AS YOUR....... 🎬 Event Emcee/Host ✳️ Clubhouse Moderator 👋 👠 Red Carpet Interviewer 🎙 Your Expert Guest on TV shows or Podcasts. (Upon approval) Send all inquiries to: [email protected] 📧 Contact me for support, a success coaching call or to discuss potential collaborations 👇👇👇