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Audrey Zeitoun




Relationship and Divorce recovery coach 🇬🇧🇫🇷 Blended families- coparenting- breakup 1:1 and couples Connections seeker, adventurous and curious human being. French based in 📍London 🧡Navigate all the stages of your divorce successfully💥 ✅Should I stay or should I go laser sessions🤯 ✅Support all through your divorce. Get the best outcome 💥possible with your divorce lawyer aligned with your values . Not for the now but for you future life ✅ Manage your emotions, communicate with your ex partner or your lawyer in a way that serves you and avoid conflict.💪 ✅Regain hope, confidence, joy and rebuild a life that you love 💕 ✅1:1 and group coaching Free Recover, rebuild renew discovery call . Book on my website ( link on insta) or mp on Insta. ✈️ Expat challenges 💪Build confidence ☀️Regain self-esteem 🧡 Reinvent the relationship with your kids 💡start new habits, 💥develop resilience 💫Embrace change 💕heal from this traumatic experience Dare be yourself 🧡take actions, access your inner power 🔥to transform your life. Get out of you confort zone and find your zone of genius. ❤️Relationships and confidence dating 🇫🇷🇬🇧 Writer and speaker ✅Follow me and hit 🔔 to be notified I host 2 rooms each week- various topics and guests 🧡 🇬🇧Wednesday at 12 am GMT 🇫🇷Thursday at 5 pm GMT 🔅Change can be very emotional to deal with. It requires us to accept it, adapt, and take new actions. 🔅Some life transitions can lead to inaction, fear, a sense of loss. We are stepping into the unknown , worry about what decisions 🧠 to make. 🌈Free Workbook to start your journey: You will find journals and the “7 mistakes to avoid after a break-up on my website A bit about me 🌱I’m adventurous and love freedom 🌱I’m a bit of a rebel and impatient 🌱I thrive on change 🌱 Single mum proud of my teen and young adult daughters 🌱I love human connections, helping others and give meaning to their life 🌱I respect others, I’m kind and passionate. 👉Find me on FB: