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The quality of your audio anchors the perceived quality of your information in the mind of your audience🎤 When I’m not travelling the world mixing sound, I help podcasters, video creators and online entrepreneurs how to maximise their credibility by nailing their sound every time they record or go live📣🗣💬 I help my clients to: ✅ Sound amazing every time they record or go live ✅ Unlock potential credibility by shaping the sound of their content ❓Having problems with the AUDIO for your VIDEO or PODCAST❓ 💥DM me on Instagram💥 🔊Sound for Video 🔊 🔊Live Broadcast | Streaming🔊 🔊Podcasts Audio (Live and Recorded)🔊 I’m a television audio director charged with delivering flawless sound for major televised events which are broadcast live to tens of millions viewers simultaneously🔉 TV shows include: ➤ Love Island ➤ World Cup Sports ➤ Commonwealth Games 📢Having great quality sound increases your connection with your audience and makes you more likeable and trustable. This in turn will forge the missing link in your chain of credibility. Common Problems include: ✅ Audio / Video sync issues ✅ Equipment and microphone selection ✅ Streamyard, Zoom, FB Live, Youtube, OBS, etc. ✅ Software selection and setup ✅ Best sound for video meetings ✅ Equipment setup; sound card, cameras, microphones, etc. ✅ Audio mixing / Post Production ✅ Podcast editing ✅ Audio levels ✅ Converting audio / video formats 💬"When people are assessing the credibility of information, most of the time people are making a judgement based on how something feels" - Dr Erin Newman I’m on Clubhouse to: 👉 Network with other entrepreneurs 👉 Discover how I can better serve others with my unique expertise 👉 Open to collaborations with the right people 💬”We find, over and over again, that the easier something is to process, the more likely you are to assume that it's true, and the more compelling you find it." - Dr Norbert Schwarz 🇦🇺 Based in Perth, Australia Other interests include: Audio, Video, Broadcasting, Editing, Bass Player, Cryptocurrency, Jazz Fusion, Frank Zappa, Tech, Gadgets, Circular Economy. DM me on IG 👇👇👇👇