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Galena White




🦄 British African-American Voice Talent 🦄 Voicing Kids to adults Youthful, Vibrant, Energetic and Versatile sounds from a grownup who can sound like a baby, young child, pre-teen, teenager and young adult                            🦄 A theatrically trained British Stage actress and Voice Over Artist born and raised in London England, Now residing in the USA and I’d like to be a resource for you. I’m passionate about connecting with clients to bring audible life to your creative ideas. 🦄 *Home Studio* Whisper Room MKH 416 Mic Focusrite Scarlett Source Connect 🦄 Represented by: Coast 2 Coast Talent Group Impressive Talent Donna Baldwin Chicago Talent Network 🌍 📨 [email protected] 👩🏾‍💻 @audiblyyours