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💎 CEO OF MUSIC PATCH 💎 METAVERSE CONCERTS 💎 WEB3 💎 NFT’S 💎 ARTIST 💎 The biggest little ghost you don’t know yet. Or you might.. I got aliases. 🙈 I like to live naive, teach me something. 💿MTV💿NETFLIX💿ORANGE SA💿 TOPLINER • GHOSTWRITER • VOCAL PRODUCER • ARTIST CAMPS • PLACEMENTS • STUDIO TIME • ENGINEERING • MELODYNE GURU • MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST 🇩🇪SCOUTING GERMAN TALENT LETS GO 🇩🇪 Opening the #MusicPatch gates to Deutschland for the SECOND time. Get in before it’s too late 🤐 (dm me “German music patch”) 💿PROUD CREATOR OF #MUSICPATCH COLLECTIVE 💿 Partnered with the Talent Tap In Show and 808 Farm🎤🎶 ✳️ C l u b h o u s e I n f l u e n c e r ✳️ Y’all see me ping y’all patch in or miss out 🙈 🤐Ghostwriter 📝Topliner 💻Producer 🎼Multi-Instrumentalist 🎹🎸 and more.. 🕰 12+ Years in the Music Industry TX ✈️ LA 🎼 🎤🎹🎧🎛🔌💯 If you appreciate the amazing talent on my platform, feel free to send us a donation! 🙈 We stayin up while we’re in and out of sessions for you! Droppin exclusive knowledge about the music/entertainment industry and giving you direct access to professionals you can ask questions 24/7! Mentored by DOUG MUTHAFUCKIN FENSKE. Catch me @ Capitol Records, Westlake Recording Studios, Record Plant, Paramount, ENCORE, NRG, Temple Base, The Mix Room, Fever, Melrose Sound, Ultrium, STRZ, and more.. 🤫 🙏🏻Blessings Avenues for Music Patch🙏🏻 Cash App: $TheMusicPatch Venmo: @patchbae PayPal: [email protected] 🖥 OFFICIAL WEBSITE 🖥 MY TEAM WINNING. Period. MUSIC PATCH IG: @TheMusicPatch #PATCHPATCHES AVAIL @themusicpatch on IG 🖤