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Athher Ahmed




Founder and Managing Director of Paalaar Urban Farms Pvt. Ltd. A first generation entrepreneur in my family. Way back in 1988, I obtained a degree certificate in commerce (Corporate Secretaryship) because everybody said that it offers better employment opportunities. Started my career as a door to door salesman of vaccum cleaners with Eureka Forbes and later on worked in innumerous other companies selling an assortment of goods like Ceasefire fire extinguishers, Get It Yellow pages listings, Ask Me Yellow pages listings, Cargo bookings etc. A strong desire to become rich pushed me towards entrepreneurship and I set up a manufacturing unit to produce Single use locks for the logistics industry. After a good start, I took a very big risk, failed miserably and went into a huge debt. After losing everything, I took up an employment in the IT industry and after clearing out the debts and stabilizing myself, started a new agri-based business venture in 2010 and doing reasonably well. Let me end the description of my profile with, கற்றது கையளவு கல்லாதது உலகளவு. For information on Organic farming, Collective farming, Commercial farming, Cooperative farming and affordable farmhouses, please search for Paalaar Urban Farms on Google, YouTube and Facebook.