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Astrology - Karmic/Kabbalistic/Transcendental Astrology • Largest Soul Astrology dedicated room on Clubhouse • Consciousness Coach • Quantum Meditation • Dream Therapist • Past Life Regression Therapist • Family Constellations • Babylonian Tarot Experience Spiritual & Wellbeing Nearly 15 years international experience with personal sessions, group workshops, speaking, writing, podcasting & events to reveal your purpose. Mission Transforming people to reveal their highest, authentic soul purpose. Houses on Clubhouse Astrology - Kabbalistic & Karmic - The Astrological Soul Evolution Talks on Clubhouse As scheduled below. Podcast • Astrology Clubhouse replays • Astrology Today - Astrology News Podcast on Apple, Amazon, PodBean & YouTube New & Full Moon Zoom Events • 2022 New & Full Moon Events and other Workshops on Zoom - The Matt Taylor Experience on Eventbrite Author of I Want to Change - on Amazon Website for sessions Coaching, Astrology, Tarot, Family Constellations, Past Life & Angel Healing Check out the above and book sessions on