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Kuhuk Sharma




Trying to make sense of the cosmos since I was a kid šŸŒŸ Avid astronomy lover (astrophile) šŸŖšŸ”­ Here is a gist of what Iā€™m & what all I do: (she/her) ā€¢ Android Engineer šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’» ā€¢ Astrophotographer šŸ”­ ā€¢ Amateur Astronomer šŸš€ ā€¢ Science communicator šŸ¤“ I support & advocate women in STEM fields šŸ§  Also, on my way to veganism šŸŒ± for the protection of animals & life on our planet šŸŒŽ (currently vegetarian) šŸ“ India