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Astrid Valen-Utvik




Social Media Strategist and Business owner @ - helping businesses build relationships, creating conversations and providing value with and for their followers on social media, since 2009. NEW; Norwegian e-book on Clubhouse, with all you need to know - download for free here; 👋 Club: ‘Sosiale medier Norge | VU’ - join if you want to talk about social media. 👋 Room: Every Thursday, talking about all things related to social media (mainly in Norwegian) ✨ New to Clubhouse and read Norwegian? Speaker, podcaster, blogger and content creator - constantly trying to share as much of what I know about social media as I can, so that we all can discuss, learn from each other and potentially make better connections and see better results in the digital world and in business in general. Live by what’s now become a cliche, but still; sharing is caring. Mom of a 17, 15 and 12 yo., wife of @glennvu , loving our dog Lucky, not to mention my love for 🌱plants, my 📓bullet journal and 🎶music. We are living in Nesodden, Norway (in Scandinavia).