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👉🏽 Intuitive parenting is my jam because it is key to how I raised a child without a village. 👈🏽 👪 Join the Intuitive Parenting village, dedicated to empowering parents. Build an amazing relationship with your child(ren) through tapping into your innate wisdom. Whether you are already a good parent or striving to become the parent your child actually NEEDS, let's embark on this transformative journey together. _______________ 📸 ✨ Highlighted at CH Townhall ✨ "This is a really good room full of diverse and personal stories and something I resonated with personally as a mama. An awesome room to check out" - Aly, Clubhouse           _____________ 🗨️ Parenting is a deeply spiritual journey🎯  🗨️ Your date of birth does not            entitle you to respect from a child🎯           🗨️ Be what you want your child to become🎯  🗨️ Be still and know - RIP koko♥️                                        _____________ 🚀Founder: INTUITIVE PARENTING    Join The Intuitive Parenting Village weekly 👇🏽👇🏽 📅 Tuesdays: 11:30a EST 🕦           _____________