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Asit Piri




Passion, rigour, empathy and customer centric approach are few attributes which I believe helped me to grow as a data product manager. I am passionate about below three points to build product which advance the way people live and work. I like: 1. Meeting new people and understanding their problems and needs. 2. Building solutions from customer insights. 3. Sharing my learning with my team and product community. Since my early days of my career as Software Engineer, I have been directly and indirectly involved with the design, engineering, sales and marketing, customer support and product management. At HPE, I was in a unique role of directly talking to internal and external customers, understanding their business problems and finding a solution that could be scaled for all our fortune 500 customers. The experience helped me understand the co-dependence of data, technology, design and business in solving customer’s problems on a large scale. My Career Purpose As a product manager of information age, how might we protect ourself from cognitive bias by consuming, remembering, recognizing information and sharing relevant insights to our stakeholders which add value to the society and help us to take action on those insights to build the product and services which advance the way people live and work.