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Ashley Stanley




On a mission to rid the world of “hey girl” messages + change the face of MLMs forever with Personal Branding! 💃🏽 I’d LOVE to co-mod with you ✳️ 👩‍💻Business Coach for Network Marketers / Direct Sales / MLM ✨Owner of The Coterie 🔥Personal Branding Expert 📱Social Media Strategist 🙈Imposter Syndrome/Limiting Beliefs Conquerer 🥳 Personality Style Addict (personally ESFJ, 2 (maybe 7 haha!), ID) 💇🏽‍♀️ Healing my hair from the inside out _________________________________ My Life: ❤️ . Web designer + developer turned business coach after I realized that I wasn’t just building websites but I was helping women launch + grow their businesses. Then I joined an MLM + everyone kept telling me - make a list of 100 people + message them ALL - even if you haven’t talked to them in forever. They might be a yes for the business + you’d never know if you didn’t text them! It felt gross to me, I didn’t want to do it + I knew there had to be a better way! Guess what? There is! Personal branding to the rescue! Now I work with women in MLMs to grow their personal brands, stop sending “hey girl” messages + grow their business bigger than they ever even dreamed. Helped multiple women this year, who have previously failed in this industry, reach their dream rank in their network marketing business. 🔥 . Serving female direct sellers to grow their personal brands + build out their customer base + teams. 🎉 . 🧭 SD in📍NY in my 🖤 🙌🏽 Lover of Jesus 👯‍♀️ Biz bestie + cheerleader ❤️ Heart centered entrepreneur 🥂 Building a 6 figure business in 2021 💯 Breaking through all the limiting beliefs ____________________________________ 🎤 Weekly Personal Branding Room - Wednesdays @ 2pm PST ____________________________________ Join my FB Group 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Bold Female Network Marketers Building Personal Brands ____________________________________ Let’s work together! ____________________________________ Join The Coterie! ____________________________________ Click the bell beside my name + choose ALWAYS to get notified when I start rooms. 🛎 FOLLOW + drop me a DM 👇🏽 for any + all of your personal branding questions!