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Spiritual Scientist 4 Jesus ✝️ | Kingdom Life Coach 📖🎯 | Kingdom 🧬 | Neuroplastician 🧠 (Neuroplasticity :: Romans 12:2) I aspire to inspire you with the Love ❤️ & Intellect 💡🧠 of God (Redeemed by the 🩸) 🔥Kingdom Paradigm Shifter🔥 📚New Life Theological Seminary 🎓Liberty University Alumni Ashley Racquel | The Luxe Coach utilizes The Word of God and Revelation Knowledge to bring you clarity, value, and purpose as you deep dive into self discovery and in depth knowledge of Self for a deeper self-relationship, heart-centered relationships, and fulfillment in purpose! Schedule your session by clicking the link in the IG bio! 💖 $HoneyBeeWealth Engage and connect on IG! 📲