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◽️UX Coach ◽️Course | “Learn UX Online in 16 Weeks” ◽️UX Designer | Amazon ◽️DM me about transitioning into UX Design, UX Research and UI Design via my course + coaching platform! In the course you’ll learn UX, build your portfolio, prepare for interviews, etc. all with ME as your coach! 🔥A few companies where my students have landed jobs: ◽️Facebook ◽️Amazon Games ◽️Walmart ◽️FiscalNote ◽️Live Auctioneers ▫️Apollo Graphql 💬Text me to stay connected and updated with my UX workshops, masterclasses, free UX downloads, etc. ◽️Text “Learn” to (205) 931-5627 🗣Join my clubs ◽️ “Aspiring UX Designers” ◽️“Black UXers” Weekly rooms! Scroll down and find the club to join! 🤝Join my other groups: ◽️Facebook: UX Career Accelerator Group ◽️LinkedIn: Aspiring UX Designers 🗞 Featured on: ◽️Invision App ◽️XONecole 📍Chicago | 🚴🏾 Peloton: ashleyjanelle | 1908 👩🏾‍💻 💌[email protected]