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Ashley Feller




I'm Ashley - a proud native Floridian with a passion for storytelling and celebrating local music & art, stories and culture. 🎢 I've been entertaining audiences for over 20 years, I also write songs, short stories and I help creatives navigate their blocks. I'm thrilled to announce my new podcast: 'Sunshine State Showcase' ✨ Premiering 9/24! I'll be sharing captivating stories & tunes 🎡 from Florida's creative community. πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ When I'm not podcasting, you can find me at music festivals 🎼 & cultural events - soaking up the magic of the Sunshine State! 🌞🌈 I hope you'll listen to the podcast 🎧 that celebrates the spirit & charm of this wonderful place I call home. September 24th! Wherever you get your podcasts! 🏝️