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The Hidden Rules Expert - I Help established product companies monetize their Amazon/eCommerce listings into a money maker with the traffic they already have! Let’s optimize your customers decisions... Ask me how you can increase your sales 120% through the science behind buyer behaviour. I also love helping women eCommerce sellers get the clarity they seek through my Mastermind, The Hidden Rules Network. Give me a follow here, on IG and FB 🏡 | Join my Woman in eCommerce Mastermind- 📷 | Higher Conversion Rates with www.Product 📰 | Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Medium, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global 📸 | Go-To Female Expert for National Media 📺 | The List TV, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS 🏆 | Nominated Best Amazon Consultant by SellerPoll 2020 📖 | International Best Selling Author 👑 | The eCommerce Hidden Rules Expert The Hidden Rules Network For Women in eCommerce You’ve Found Your Tribe How to use product images for your eCommerce store to increase sales 120%+ Go to: 👉 DM me the word “CLUBHOUSE” on IG @AshleyArmstrong.HiddenRules or FB @AmazonWithAshley I’m here to learn and be inspired, connect with like-minded professionals and share my personal experience and expertise. Site: 🗝 🗝 🇨🇦 Canadian 👧 ex-pro ⛷