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You come to me when you want a sales funnel and Facebook Ads that make you money while you sleep. 🤑 WWW.CLUBHOUSEASHLEIGH.COM 📈Clients averaging 5 & 6 figures month over month. I am The Marketing Genie🧞‍♀️here to make all of your marketing dreams come true. As a Digital Marketing Consultant👩🏽‍🏫 I help businesses increase revenue with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Sales Funnels, Social Media, and Content Marketing Strategies. Online businesses, eCommerce, & Local Service Businesses. 📆 My rooms are about Sales Funnels, Facebook Ads, Social Media Content, and General Marketing. Usually scheduled. 🎤 My rooms are recorded and if you want the playback and info on what is listed below then Visit for all the links How We can work together: 🤘The OTB Challenge - Build a lead generation funnel that builds your email list 400-1000 targeted subscribers in one month 💡Funnel Intensive - I create a funnel strategy that gets you in front of your ideal clients. Then you implement it. 💰Facebook Ads & Funnel Build - I will create and manage your Facebook Ads and/or build out your funnel for you. If you’re ready, let’s get you to the money & a more aligned business. 🎉Fun things about me: 35 countries and counting. I don’t travel the U.S. if I can help it lol. Used to live in Italy, London, and Manhattan. I love Schitt’s Creek (yumm), I believe a Charcuterie board is a major food group. I love my Gravity Blanket (weighted blanket). I love learning about culture. I enjoy sewing. I giggle at everything ☺️. I typically don’t curse because it doesn’t sound right but I use acronyms like crazy 😂 And I am extra AF! Follow me on Instagram. I’m still working on using Twitter regularly 🥴