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Actions speak louder than words, I came here what more can I say. Here to listen to the noise, allow my ears to tune into what’s important to me. Humbled to stay focused, bring the content home and make the important things count. Let’s create the future, deliver the message en route to our destination and leave a bright light that others can see. Join ‘Property Professionals +’ club by clicking the first icon at the bottom of this profile, then follow/join. You will then be added to the group of property professionals + Interests: People, humanity, axiology, property, investment, marketing Current Job Title: Mortgage broker - learning the trade, working on investments, building a dream. Should you want/need help with mortgage rates. DM me on Instagram 🤳🏼 Previous Job Title: Estate agent - Achieved top exchanged £400,000 in fees (£20M net worth value of property) in 2015 out of two thousand negotiators with hard work. Hobbies: Football, exercise, podcast, socialising, parenting & keeping up with content. Looking to grow my network, connect with influencers, investors & collaborate. Stay ahead of the curve. LinkedIn - Ashley McDowell 🏦Cash app - £Investmentpays Keeping an eye out for opportunities. UK, London based 🇬🇧 DM ME HERE 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇