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Creator Of Rap Is Poetry Club & House🎤. Cavegang is my Team 🦇Gods good Friend 🙏🏾 🚀Animedreamer Rest in Pardise Mike Rothenburg🙏🏾 🛎Jury Duty Show 🫡Hosted by Lavender Recording Artist & Poet ,all around dope content creator.Always looking to manifest dope vibes🙌🏽 ALWAYS BE YOU✊🏿🌃BALTIMORE CITY made me! 🦇ArtieFoxx Streaming Music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal,ITunes , A good friend of God 🙏🏽 🫶🏾 100 TPC 📺CAFFEINE 📻STATIONHEAD 📺📻YOUTUBE 📧[email protected] 💵 $ArtieFoxx <~~My cash app🤷🏽‍♂️🤣 🔰Creator of RAP IS POETRY CLUBHOUSE 🧇 🗣🦇CAVEGANG🦇 4 EVER!!!!