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Art Giser




Transformation can be magical and fun. 👐I am the creator of Energetic NLP NLP trainer, healer, clairvoyant, life coach, executive coach, speaker,and leadership consultant to Fortune 100 companies. 🎇My ‘superpower” is 37 years of life and executive coaching and remote, transformative energy work that clears karma and blocks and opens and increase people’s miraculous spiritual abilities 😇[email protected]. Enjoy this on demand Energy Spa session that will increase your power, confidence, and ability to be in action Enjoy this free energetic and LP mini course on clearing blocks to living a miraculous life And starting January 26th I have a once-a-year program called discover your miraculous abilities I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies to create extraordinary leaders and teams. And managed a medical research lab for the University of California. I’ve been a NLP trainer for 36 years.